Uniting Marketing, Sales and IT

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Nerds and geeks, hoodies and suits –  Uniting the efforts of Marketing, Sales and IT.

Many of the largest businesses have separate sales and marketing departments. But sometimes they fail to understand the vast difference between the two. In some cases, even the departments themselves can misunderstand their own roles.

With the advent of IT in the mix, supporting data and technology, things have gotten a lot more complicated. 

United Shores helps businesses deploy those capabilities to unlock their unified potential.

Performance Management

What gets measured gets done. To understand and identify relevant improvement potential transparency is paramount. We help our clients make informed decisions to drive growth.

Organization & Process Design

Finding the right balance between pursuing efficient organizational structures and driving continuous efficiency improvement efforts. We help our clients effectively tackle organizational and process transformation.

Customer Experience

Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors. We help our clients understand relevant journeys and create meaningful end-to-end experiences.

Agile Marketing - How to make it really work for you

Given the hype around scrum and agile project management it would not take long until marketing operations would be identified as an adjacent area to deploy the methodology. How do we set up the marketing organization to become “agile ready”?

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